Na Univerzitetu u Sarajevu, Pedagoškom fakultetu student G. M. Torres boravio je u zimskom semestru školske 2021/2022. O svom Erasmus iskustvu napisao je:

Ciao University of Sarajevo, I’m Guillem Martínez Torres, Erasmus student from the University of Barcelona and this is my review of my Erasmus in the faculties of pedagogy and fine arts.

First of all, It has to be said I went to Sarajevo without expectations. Without any idea about the culture, the history, the life routine and how the city looks like. I was trying to be surprised, to explore as much as possible once I was there. As usual in any new experience that I have to go through, I came to your city with positivity and excitement, but at the same time I was a bit scared because it was my first time living abroad.

Since the very first moment everything was working so well. I really like the city of Sarajevo. Your city has breathless views, interesting and unique spots like Trevevic or Baščaršija, history which has changed my mind about how the world works and wonderful coffees to hang out with people. Nevertheless, all these aspects are not enough to enjoy and learn if you do not feel comfortable. I can say now that Sarajevo is full of humil, hospitable and relaxed people. In almost every shop, every museum or every restaurant I was feeling welcomed. The partners who I have met in the university ( in both faculties) made me feel part of it, of all the process of learning and we were able to share our knowledge and learn from each other. Also I have to appreciate all the effort that the ESN had made organizing all the events that make all the erasmus people feel together and united.

Now talking about the university, I have to say thanks for your hard work on this. All the coordinators were taking care of me from the beginning and helping me with the bureaucracy and the organizacion of my subjects. Furthermore, I have to take in count the patience and effort of all the teachers, adapting to me the contents and guiding my learning during the whole semester.

Thanks to this experience I have grown up as a person in knowledge and independence. On the one hand, I feel much more confident talking in English, which I can say is the aspect that I have improved the most. The context that we have had in Sarajevo is the ideal to improve our language skills, with people around europe and our university in english too. The English level of the citizens is also pretty good, which is always something that helps you to feel completely immersed in the language. On the other hand, all the lessons were completely useful for me, from discovering the literature of the Balkans to improving my drawing and designing skills in the fine arts academy. In conclusion, Sarajevo will always mean to me self improvement and happiness.

I’m so grateful. Best wishes.

Guillem Martínez Torres